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Simplify Your Test Management

Say goodbye to disorderly spreadsheets and welcome a seamless, collaborative test planning and test automation service with Test Track that offers value without compromising on affordability.

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Free yourself from the burden of updating unruly spreadsheets


Facilitate teamwork effortlessly. Engage in discussions, problem-solve collaboratively, and share ideas without the constraints of limited cell space or endless email chains. Keep all your conversations and decisions neatly contained within your test run.

Intuitive and Simple

Test Track is built with an intuitive, user-friendly interface aimed to make your test planning process both simple and enjoyable. Organize your testing workload into distinct projects and multiple test plans, then seamlessly execute these plans repeatedly in a test run, efficiently managing the success or failure state of each test.

Full History Maintained

Every test action is tracked and logged, capturing a timestamp and the tester's identity, creating a comprehensive history of your test progress. With Test Track, you won't have to choose between maintaining extensive historical data and trying to keep your spreadsheet under control. Keep your valuable past data intact while ensuring a tidy and manageable workspace.

All the features for your test management needs

Project Overview

Easy Project Overview

A project encompasses various components, such as test plans, manual and automated test executions, a history of test runs, and identification of inconsistent tests. Within the project overview, you're provided with a concise and straightforward snapshot, offering a clear view of your project's progression.

View Test Run

Easily Monitor Test Outcomes and Identify Tests Requiring Retesting

Quickly view the status of your tests - see at a glance which ones have passed, which have failed, and which are still pending. Developers can conveniently set a test's status to "retest", enabling your testing team to immediately identify any tests that need to be reattempted, ensuring their successful completion.

Generate Reports

Generate Comprehensive Reports

Test Track allows you to export detailed test run summaries as PDFs, offering an overview of test steps and their current statuses. These reports delve into the fine details of each test, including full descriptions of tests and their results, and incorporate screenshots if provided, ensuring a holistic view of your testing process.

Automated Test Runs

Submit Automated Test Runs from CI/CD Servers

Manual test runs only provide some of the requirements of your projects quality assurance to confirm that your new project or release is working as you intended. Automated test provide another layer of assurance that your project works as expected. Using a simple API request, or via a simple command line tool, you can easily submit your automated test runs from your CI/CD servers directly to Test Track

Flaky Test Detection

Flaky Test Detection

During your manual and automated test runs, Test Track can detect where a test step is considered flaky. This is important to know to ensure the reliability of your tests and help your developers pinpoint issues during the testing process.

Test Track is a collaborative, user-friendly platform for development and testing teams. It simplifies test management with clear pricing, no per-user fees, and a focus on ease of use and affordability.

Provide Detailed Failure Reports

Offer Detailed and Well-Formatted Documentation for Test Failures

When a test fails, it's crucial that your development team can swiftly reproduce the test, identify the bug, and deploy a fix for retesting. With Test Track, you can provide thoroughly detailed descriptions of the problem in a well-structured format, using markdown. If necessary, complement your description with screenshots and images to clearly illustrate the issue at hand.

Provide detailed test step instructions

Deliver Clear and Well-Formatted Test Steps

Test steps often need additional details, which can quickly become difficult to interpret in a spreadsheet. Test Track allows you to bypass this challenge by enabling you to provide well-structured, detailed instructions using markdown formatting, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding for your team.

View Test Run

Complete Testing Audit Trail

During the test and development cycle, Test Track ensures every detail is meticulously tracked and remains accessible. This transparency allows all team members and stakeholders to monitor the progression of each test seamlessly